Gown Control IV (Piano) by Michael Klausman

Gown Control IV Piano

1/ Fabien Maman – Improvisation on the Greek Modes
2/ Carolyn Margrete – Dorian Mode
3/ Alan Hovhannes – Love Song Vanishing Into Crickets, Op.327
4/ Alain Kremski – Quête
5/ Dominique Lawalrée – Sorry
6/ Richard Collins – The Celestial Wind
7/ Gary Knox – Ocean Cave
8/ Janest Sherbourne & Mark Lockett – Slower Than Molasses
9/ Tom Ehrlich – Gamelan (for Aliah)


Gown Control III by Michael Klausman


1/ Christian Buehner & Suzanne Doucet – Shiva’s Dance
2/ David Gilden – Etheric Double
3/ Jon Parmentier – Cycles of Water
4/ Ma Satyam Pratiti – Ocean of Bliss
5/ Sainte Croix – Dance of the Self
6/ Mindia – Gambang
7/ Zendik Farm Band – Ancient In My Eyes
8/ Zon Vern Pyles – The Yeti Trail
9/ Sunpath – Yasimin & the Snowflake Dragon (Excperpt)
10/Paul Church, Jr. – Fish Music 9
11/Warren Simpson – On The Reef


Gown Control II by Michael Klausman

Gown Control Vol 2

The highly anticipated 2nd Volume of the Gown Control mix series by Michael Klausman. Volumes III and IV to follow.

“Contents include but are not limited to Rajneesh jazz meditators, Shiva transmitting synth percolators, Private hissertronics, Gamelan ethnohotties, Canned drizzle, intimate aquatic moments, Eno & beer enthusiasts, Park Slope kora mini-moogers, Gurdjieff disciples, Tama Do improvisers, Mayan calendar ocarina two-steppers, Bamboo flute crafter blenders, Yeti spatial sound trail mixers, New Mexican bolo-tie making synth gurglers, Megalith tinklers, Occult bookshop proprietors, German-Texan ecological bumper-sticker peddlers, Front Range Himalayn throat singing heart bubblers, Southwest overtone builders & Piano playing Kansan Eck proselytizers.”

1/ Zacciah – Transmutations
2/ Dave Clark & Walter Drake – A Traveler’s Journal Found In The Mountains
3/ Timothy Bishop (Marga Prasanna) – From the Heart (Excerpt)
4/ Russell Thorne – Angelic Solution
5/ Rob Smit – Metaal III