Myoan Sanjunana Sei Tanikita Muchiku Shu, Vol. 1

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Tanikita Muchiku Roan, 1878-1957

taken from Tozan-ryu: An Innovation of the Shakuhachi Tradition from Fuke-shu to Secularism by Takahashi Tone, PhD (via The International Shakuhachi Society):

“37th Abbot of Meian-ji from 1949. Ten years after Kobayashi Shizan’s death, the Myoan-kyokai, in association with the soke (the head person of a Ryu) of different shakuhachi ryu, elected Tanikita Muchiku (1878- 1950) as his successor. Born in Kyoto in the eleventh year of Meiji (1878), he was first initiated into the Myoan Taizan style of shakuhachi by Takaya Yuchiku, a student of Higuchi taizan; later, in the forty-first year of Meiji(1908) , Tanikita began to study with Higuchi Taizan. It is well known that the bereaved family of Higuchi Taizan claimed Tanikita Muchiku to be the true bearer of Taizan’s style.”

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