Celestino – strong backs, soft fronts

Celestino : strong backs, soft fronts

Myoshinji Temple Bells
Greg Brown : My Home In The Sky
Jeffery Frederick & the Clamtones : Stolen Guitar
Grand-Mere : Baby Please (dont go)
John Lee Ziegler : Poor Boy
Jody Stecher : The Hills of Isle Au Haut
Balloons : 너무나 속상해
Kenny Hall : Ti E Ti O
T. Tinibekov : Votarakh
Brigitte Fontaine : Les Vergers
Jill Cislaghi : Jesse
Pam Martin : Your Lies
Bill Younger : Drunk Again
Michael Hurley : Reconciled To the Blues
Jung Sun Lee : Triangle (恋歌)

(mixed may 2012)

my friends, keep your heads up.

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The Search

“The Search” from In The Regions Of Sunreturn, by Michael Garrison
This record was given to me by a close friend. Musical brotherhood.