Black Construction Paper


One of our favorite mixtapes ever. A few years ago, Chicago’s enigmatic  Josh Bearman put together a deep selection of Ambient Black Metal  and we are proud to offer it to you all here no. enjoy.

Black Construction Paper  by Josh Bearman

Sterbend – Intro

Mournful Congregation – Weeping

Old Wainds – Frost of Dungeon

Forgotten Tomb – Springtime Depression

The Eternal Night – Beautiful Depression

Ulver – A Capella (Sielens Sang)

Burzum – Han Som Reiste

Drowning the Light – The Cry of the Wolf

Mournful Congregation – Miriam

Striborg – Grief and Trepidation

Nortt – Ligfaerd

Forest – Unfinished Song of These Woods

Mournful Congregation – Elemental

Wolok – Voice of God (Futile Conclusion)

Marblebog – Eternal Silence Within

I Shalt Become – Outro


Lyrels live at Time Arts Club, Portland Or



Lyrels : Make This Sight Real  coming out this summer on Love All Day!



Ric Lavin 1929-2013


Rest In Peace, Ric.  Love All Day salutes you for being brave enough to be gentle in this world. You made it a better place.