HCrink – Pastures of Heaven

Cat #: LAD 008 — Year: 2014 — Format: Cassette

In 1995, California native Jeff Hassett (aka HCrink) scraped together a grand after graduating from high school. This was serious cash for someone making $5 an hour as a cashier at an off-brand chain record store. The money was spent upon two purchases. The first was a barely running ‘72 Mustang that nearly killed him multiple times over the next several years. The second was a Yamaha MT4X 4-track recorder, with which he recorded many tapes during that same period. Hassett recorded constantly at this time, but eventually was sidetracked by other concerns. His project was never manifested in the kind of completed work he imagined. His studio was shuttered, the tapes relegated to a closet.
A dozen or so years later a passing comment in a record related conversation led us to coerce Hassett into sharing some of his work. What we heard was astounding, and drove us on a one year project to locate the tracks within the stacks of tapes that were most essential to the sound he had been developing. The tracks were never given the final mix and treatment Hassett had hoped to complete at the time. With his direction, the task of bringing finality to these pieces—postponed so many years ago—was brought to resolution.
Though Pastures of Heaven is an aural anomaly, one can hear traces of some of the records Hassett was listening to at the time in the work. There are echoes of the sonic miasma of Flying Saucer Attack and the hypnotic metallic percussion found in some early Popol Vuh. No one influence is completely distinct though, and no moves are forced. We found the proof in the tapes.

This cassette package features a four-panel offset printed j card with art by Doug Fogelson and professionally dubbed chrome tape. Also includes a high quality digital download. Edition of 100.
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